Saturday, April 16, 2011

Charlie Sheen sex dolls sell out in ONE DAY!

A Charlie Sheen sex doll, delightfully called 'Crackhead Charlie', has sold out in just one day. We can only assume they only made one because just WHO would think to make one of those and WHO exactly is buying, women, men, livestock?! Suppose it's nice to know that now we can all be a godess for the day...BLEUGH!

However, despite our reservations, according to the Evening Standard, the doll was an instant hit with customers. EW!

The pervy mastermind behind the doll’s creation said: "The Crackhead Charlie doll sold out in one day, the same day we released it. We could of sold more dolls if we had more in stock but they are sold out right now (sic)."

The doll is $30 and the box features this alluring description (beware: after reading such romantic poetry, you will be powerless to resist...): "You don't have to be a slutty porn goddess to party with this radical rockstar from Mars! Just add air and this neurotic nutjob will show you his two and a half personalities, warlock, fangs, fire-breathing fists and Adonis DNA. Don't be a foolish little troll, experience the bitchin' drug they call Charlie and let him rock your world!"

Holy hell on earth, we seriously have no words. Has hell frozen over yet?

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