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Chinese Actress Qin MengQing

Chinese Actress Qin MengQing

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Chinese Name: 秦梦擎
Pinyin: Qin MengQing

Birthplace: Jilin, China
The date of birth: June 12
Constellation: Gemini
Occupation: plane model, actress
Dance instructor
School: Capital Normal University
Height: 164 cm
Build: Measurements: 87,60,90
Hobbies: anything related with the dance
Shoes: 36 Sign: Gemini
Current place of residence: Beijing 
School: Capital Normal University

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Favorite food: soup (delicious and beauty) all kinds of fruit, hot and sour stuff
Good: SALSA, Latin dance, modern nation of modern, hip-hop ~ singing performances. Aerobics, yoga
Favorite Music: Dima Bian-Believe
Favorite star: 威尔史密斯莎 Raj Qianka small S Chingmy Yau Tony Parker
Favorite movie: “Butterfly Effect” “Nikita,” “My Player”
Favorite TV: U.S. drama “Sex and the City,” “evil forces” Taiwan drama “It Started with a Kiss,” “Fated to Love You”
Favorite sports: aerobics and dance-related

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