Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review of How To Be God's Little Princess by Sheila Walsh

**This review might offend some people. If you get offended after reading this then please do not leave a rude comment. I will simply ban you and delete your comment. Thanks**

This book was very delightful and kids will love this book. I am going to give to my niece.

This book has tips in it for manners, etiquette and true beauty and I like a lot of the tips in the book. The first tip I liked was how to dress modestly. I have noticed that when it comes time to show reverence to Jehovah GOD at our Kingdom Hall that people dress immodestly. They wear short skirts that show a lot of skin, they wear shirts that show off cleavage and so on. Its horrible because not only is that not appropriate to wear in a nice setting but other people are seeing things on you that they shouldn't and could be tempted to do something that they normally wouldn't do. And when way to know if you should wear something is to ask a person who is close to you if they think what you are wearing is appropriate or not.

Another topic they discuses in the book is about friendship. And they mention a question to ask yourself, "Are you a Christian, Be sure others can tell by the way you talk,dress and act. If we are a true Christian then we need to act like it all the time, just not when people are around watching us. Its how we act when we are along that matters. And GOD still sees everything we are doing and he can tell how we are by our heart condition.

The third tip or topic they talk about is media and the dangers of it which needs to be talked about because other people skirt around the issue and needs to be talked about. Some people may end up spending so much time on the internet or websites that they miss out on real life opportunities and could be hurting themselves spiritually. And another good tip the book brings out is that you represent GOD no matter where you are talking to people. And that you would want to keep your talk pure to represent that you are a clean Christian. And also try not to give out too much personal information on yourself out there because people can find out too much about you and try to hurt you in someway. And the biggest tip of all is don't write or post anything or any picture you wouldn't want the whole world-including GOD-to see. Because sooner or later, the whole world will see it.

All in all , I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good book and get some helpful hints/tips as well throughout the book. This book is encouraging and both adults and children would enjoy reading it.

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