Monday, May 2, 2011

Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris Responsible for Bin Laden Takedown?

Finally a good reason for Jack Bauer's '24' exit last spring -- he was busy hunting down Osama Bin Laden. Or at least that's what Twitter's trending topics suggested after news of Bin Laden's death broke late Sunday night.

The fictional counter terrorist agent, played by Kiefer Sutherland, took to Twitter to confirm our suspicions: "Just got back from 'vacationing' in Abottabad," Jack Bauer tweeted.

But does this mean that Bauer is now available to once again get back to his '24' roots? Not exactly, but Sutherland is slated to appear in a TV movie, 'Touch,' in which he'll play father to an autistic, mute son who can predict the future. Although the project is not quite a lateral move for the actor whose name has become synonymous with his fictional character's, it does have an air of intrigue.,feedConfig,entry&id=691977&pid=691976&uts=1273167996,aolsvc&omni=1&ke=1 Sidibe attends The American Cancer Society's Choose You luncheon on May 5th in New York City.oKExp.start("popeater3-popeater_music_popscene");


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